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ScrimmageFest XII

FC Frederick would like to invite you to participate in ScrimmageFest XII, March 14-15 2009 in Frederick, MD. I hope you will consider including this unique event in your team’s Spring pre-season plans. Divisions for Boys and Girls U9 through U12 are offered. U9-10 play 7v7, U11-12 play 8v8.

For those of you unfamiliar with ScrimmageFest, it is a single day of soccer for your team. You will play four different opponents in a shortened match format (35 minutes, switch ends about halfway through) with no scores or standings kept. This format removes the pressure and (perceived) need to win associated with most tournaments so as to advance to an extra game and/or Championship. You play all four anyway. This in turn gives coaches the latitude to try different formations, player combinations and substitution patterns they may not feel comfortable with in another format.

This has proven to be an increasingly popular pre-season event.

Saturday March 14th will have all the U10s and U12s playing.

Sunday March 15th will have all the U9s and U11s playing.

Notes and Updates:

8:10 Friday March 13th: All games are on as scheduled. Come on people, this isn`t U8 house.

10:00 pm Saturday March 14th: All games are on. There has been a small amount of rain in Frederick. We finished today in a very light drizzle that continues, most likely, off and on tonight. There may be light rain in the early morning but it seems the bulk of the moisture will be far to our south. The field conditions are NOT anticipated to deterioate enough to cancel any games. Check this space for an update at 5 am Sunday.

5:15 am Sunday March 15th: All games are on. The sidewalks in the immediate area of the fields are dry, so the amount of precipitation over night has been minimal. It still looks like the heaviest area of moisture will stay south of the Frederick area but be prepared for occasional light showers.


Contact Tournaments Director Dave Shannon at or call 301 717 5087

Accepted Teams

ScrimmageFest XII Spring 2009

Under 10 (2011)
U9 Boys
Ashburn Magic Black
Ashburn Magic Gold
Calverton Barza Strikers (MD)
Chantilly Soccer Club NoVa Wanderers 99 (VA)
CSC Elite
CYA Arsenal White
DSC Red Dragons (MD)
FCF Academy Black (MD)
FCF Academy Blue
FCF Academy Grey (MD)
LFC Panthers (VA)
MPS Fire Gold (VA)
MPS Fire Green (VA)
MPS Fire White (VA)
MSC Magic North
MSC Magic South
Thunder Magic (MD)
thunder soccer club/thunder red devils (MD)
VSA Heat 99B Gold (VA)
Under 11 (2010)
U10 Boys
ASC Pumas (VA)
Calverton Barza United (MD)
DSC Blast Red
DSC Blast White
FCF Academy Black
FCF Academy Blue (MD)
FCF Academy Grey (MD)
FCF Academy White (MD)
Freestate Elite (MD)
GYSC Red Rockets
HYS Rovers West
LMVS Patriots Red (VA)
Loudoun 98B White
MSC Mutiny Black
MSC Mutiny Green
MSI Sharks
Potomac Cougars 98 (MD)
Takoma Park Arsenal (MD)
Under 12 (2009)
U11 Boys
Blue Knights Team America (VA)
Burke AC Blue Thunder (VA)
DSC United (MD)
FCF Academy Black (MD)
FCF Academy Blue
FCF Academy Grey
FCF Academy White (MD)
FSC Freedom Enforcers (MD)
LMVSC Arsenal
MSI Classic Venom (MD)
SSA Pachuca Dragons III (MD)
Sterling Thunder 97 (VA)
SYA Storm (VA)
Team America TAFC 97 (VA)
VBSC Leesburg Lions (VA)
VSA Heat 97 Gold (VA)
VSA Heat Royal (VA)
Under 13 (2008)
U12 Boys
ASA Hurricanes (MD)
BSU Firebirds (MD)
CSA Cobras Gold (MD)
CSC Chantilly Knights
DCST Storm (Red) (MD)
DSC Dynamos (MD)
EPIC Battle
FCF Academy Black (MD)
FCF Academy Blue (MD)
FCF Academy Grey (MD)
FreeState Strikers 96 (MD)
FSCI Phoenix
Loudoun 96B White (VA)
MSI Sion United (MD)
MSI Titans (MD)
SSA Rockets (MD)
Super Nova FC 96 (PA)
SYA Ajax Red (VA)
SYC Surge 96 Blue (VA)
SYC Surge 96 White (VA)
Takoma Tigers (MD)
TSC Rockets (MD)
VYS Premier Black
VYS Premier White (VA)
Under 10 (2011)
U9 Girls
Bethesda Academy U-9 Blue (MD)
Bethesda Academy U-9 White (MD)
Damascus Sparks '99 (MD)
FCF Academy Black (MD)
FSC Wildfire (MD)
LFC Tornado (VA)
MSC Panthers (Black)
MSC Panthers (White)
Under 11 (2010)
U10 Girls
ABGC Xtreme98 White (VA)
Bethesda Academy Blue (MD)
Bethesda Academy Green (MD)
CHAN FCV Hotspurs 98 (VA)
Emerald Magic
Epic Blizzard (WV)
FASA U98G Premier (VA)
FCF Academy Black (MD)
FCF Academy Blue (MD)
FCF Academy Grey (MD)
HSA Hickory Lazers (Cyclones) (MD)
LOUDOUN 98G White (VA)
MSI Sharks (MD)
ODFC Lightning
Sterling Phoenix (VA)
Thunder Red Devils (MD)
Vista Pumas (VA)
Under 12 (2009)
U11 Girls
ASC Freedom 97G (VA)
BAC Burke Freedom (VA)
Burke Athletic Club Sweet Cleats
DSC Firebolts (MD)
FCF Academy Black (MD)
FCF Academy Blue (MD)
FCF Academy White (MD)
FSC Rockets
FSC X-Treme (MD)
LFC Firedogs (VA)
Loudoun Soccer 97G White - UNITED (VA)
MSC Coyotes Green
MSC Coyotes White
Reston Wildfire (VA)
SAC Green Dragons (MD)
SAC- Columbia United Premier (MD)
SSA Blink (MD)
SSA Whirlwind (MD)
Sterling Fireballs (VA)
SYC Pride Gold (VA)
Under 13 (2008)
U12 Girls
Annandale Xtreme 96 White
ASC Radical (VA)
Blue Angels Fire (MD)
Blue Angels Ice (MD)
Crofton Lightning (MD)
CSC Panthers Black
DSC Spirit 96 (MD)
EPIC Comets
FC Delco U12 (PA)
FCF Academy Black
FCF Academy Blue (MD)
FCF Academy Grey
FCF Academy Royal (MD)
FCF Academy White (MD)
FPYC Wildcats Blue (VA)
FPYC Wildcats Gold (VA)
FPYC Wildcats White (VA)
Freedom Hurricanes (MD)
Great Falls Real Force (VA)
Loudoun 96G Silver (VA)
MSC Elite (MD)
North Potomac Cougars (MD)
Seneca Hornets
SMU Rockets (MD)
VISTA X-plosion
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