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Welcome to ScrimmageFest

ScrimmageFest is a great day of soccer for your team to play in a no pressure environment against 4 different opponents. With the wide range of teams in attendance there are enough levels of play to satisfy all teams looking for a quality pre-season event without the cost, travel and headaches of a "real" tournament. Rules are posted on each season`s page but an overview is presented here.

Games are 35 minutes long. There is no halftime but teams switch ends on a dead ball situation around 17 minutes in. Substitutions are unlimited and can be made by either team at any throw in, dead ball or other stoppage of play, regardless of possession, but always with the referee`s permission. We will call offside as best we can with only a center referee. That`s about it. Lots of games in a full day of fun and soccer.

Check the menu to the left to find the current ScrimmageFest page (Hint: ScrimmageFest XXVII). You can also look back at recent events to see who else has enjoyed this unique event.

Hope you will join us for ScrimmageFest

Upcoming ScrimmageFest Dates

ScrimmageFest 30 (yes, dropping the Roman Numerals)
March 17th and 18th, 2018

ScrimmageFest 31
August 11th & 12th - 13U and 14U Boys and GIrls
August 18th & 19th - 9U thru 12U Boys and Girls


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