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ScrimmageFest morphs into FutsalFest

I'm sure it's not news to anyone that Mother Nature has not been kind to those of us that would like to get outside and begin preparing for the Spring outdoor soccer season. Our venue, Ballenger Creek Park, is still pretty much snow covered. A bit of grass was starting to show through here and there on Thursday. The temps this weekend should probably take care of the rest. Unfortunately, all the melting snow will be the equivalent of about 3/4 of an inch of rain falling over the weekend. Looking ahead to the rest of the week, almost all forecasts have some kind of precipitation event between Wednesday evening and Friday. That would surely be enough to close the fields for the weekend of ScrimmageFest. Rather than waiting to the last minute and hoping there are warm temps, a bit of wind and no more precipitation at all next week, an unlikely trifecta, we are making a call today to change the event so you and your teams can plan their actions.

We have access to the facility that FC Frederick has been using all Winter for training and our futsal leagues. There are 8 courts just about the size of a basketball court, what just about everyone uses for futsal since basketball courts are relatively plentiful (at least as compared to futsal courts). With this facility in hand here are the changes to the event as it effects your teams.

- We will play 5 v 5 futsal, 4 field players and a keeper (we will of course be a bit lax on the finer points of the futsal rules because not everyone will be familiar with them and now is not the time to press that education)
- You will split your team into 2 futsal teams. You can absolutely share players between these two teams (I'm guessing especially keepers)
- Each futsal team (1/2 your outdoor team) will get 3 - 25 minute games. This means your full team will get 6 - 25 minute games. To do the math for you, ScrimmageFest would get you 140 minutes of play for your full team, FutsalFest will get 150 minutes of play for your full team
- We will use block scheduling. This means your teams will be done in about 3 1/2 hrs. It also means your teams may have back to back games but with 25 minute games and smaller fields (courts) this really should not place a burden on the players. The possible time blocks are 8 - 11:30, 11:30 - 3, 3 - 7:30. Of course the age group playing days remain the same. U9/11 on Saturday, March 15th and U10/12 on Sunday, March 16th

Now, managing the ins and outs of this change. No team is required to accept this. As is our policy, there will be full refunds of the event fee if your team chooses not to participate in this revamped event.

One other out of character item for a ScrimmageFest event. There will be paperwork. I know, I know, I hate it too. There will be a waiver form that will need to be completed for each player that participates. It will be posted on the web site for you to download or we will have copies at check-in.

The playing day for each age group is:
Saturday March 15th - all U9s and all U11s
Sunday March 16th - all U10s and all U12s
Contact Tournaments Director Dave Shannon at or call 301 717 5087
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FC Frederick Weather Hotline 301 682 5556

Accepted Teams

ScrimmageFest XXII Spring 2014

Under 10 (2011)
U9 Boys
FC Frederick '04 - Black (MD)
FC Frederick '04 - BLUE (MD)
FC Frederick '04 - White (MD)
MSI United Academy
Potomac U9 Green (MD)
Winchester United (VA)
Under 11 (2010)
U10 Boys
ASC Legends 03 Black (VA)
FC Frederick '03 Black
FC Frederick '03 BLUE
FC Frederick '03 White (MD)
Potomac White (MD)
TCSC Force Gold (WV)
Thunder SC: Tigre
Thunder Soccer Club - Independiente (MD)
Under 12 (2009)
U11 Boys
CC United Blue
CC United White
FC Frederick '02 Black
FC Frederick '02 Blue
FC Frederick '02 Boys
FC Frederick '02 White
Leesburg FC Alliance (VA)
Potomac Hotspur Black
Thunder Soccer Club QPR (MD)
WIN United 02B Orange (VA)
Under 13 (2008)
U12 Boys
Alliance Heat
FC Frederick '01 (MD)
FC Frederick '01 Royal 1 (MD)
FC Frederick '01 Royal II
FC Frederick 01 White
FC Warmsch
Germantown Thunder (MD)
Loudoun 01B White
PVYA Torino (MD)
Under 10 (2011)
U9 Girls
FC Frederick '04 - Blue (MD)
SYA Cardinals 04 Cheney (VA)
SYA U9 Team Morgan (VA)
Under 11 (2010)
U10 Girls
ASC '03 Gray (MD)
FC Frederick '03G Black
FC Frederick '03G Blue
VYS Dragons (VA)
Under 12 (2009)
U11 Girls
FC Frederick '02 Blue (MD)
FC Frederick 02 White
Freedom Soccer Club, Blast Red
FSC Blast White
PVYA Storm (MD)
SMU Blast Red Classic
SYA Cardinals U11 Black Team
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