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ScrimmageFest XXIII

FC Frederick would like to invite you to participate in ScrimmageFest XXIII, August 16th and 17th in Frederick, MD. I hope you will consider including this unique event in your team’s Fall pre-season plans. Divisions for Boys and Girls U9 through U12 are offered. U9-10 play 7v7, U11-12 play 8v8. The cost is $225 and this includes referee fees.

Please also note that we offer field sizes to match up with the teams that are playing. Unlike many tournaments in the area we don’t expect U9s and U12s to play on the same size fields. It seems silly to even suggest that this be done, but it happens all the time. Generally, the field sizes are 45 x 75 for U9/10, 55 x 85 for U11/12. We also use 7 x 21 goals for U11/12 play where possible.

For those of you unfamiliar with ScrimmageFest, it is a single day of soccer for your team. You will play four different opponents in a shortened match format (35 minutes, switch ends about halfway through) with no scores or standings kept. This format removes the pressure and (perceived) need to win associated with most tournaments so as to advance to an extra game and/or Championship. You play all four games anyway. This in turn gives coaches the latitude to try different formations, player combinations and substitution patterns they may not feel comfortable with in another format.

In addition to the simplicity of the format for players, it is also our desire to make this an enjoyable event for you managers as well. There is no required check-in, no player passes, no rosters, no medical release (though you should have these for your players, I don’t need to see them) and, in light of all of the above, of course guest players are allowed. You need only get here on time and play.

Registration is open until August 10th. You don’t need to "apply" because we aren’t going to turn anyone away. Register, take care of the fee, you’re in !

Schedules are posted the weekend before the event

Aug 10, 9:15 PM - U11 Girls schedules are being revised

Aug 11, 12:05 AM - U11 Girls schedules revised and reposted. Please ensure you have the current copy

Aug 12, 8:00 PM - U10 Boys schedules are being revised (Add a team)

Aug 12, 10:30 PM - U10 Boys schedules revised and reposted. Please ensure you have the current copy

Aug 12, 11 PM - All U10 Schedules will be revised

Aug 13, 6:30 AM - All U10 schedules have been reposted. Please ensure you have the current copy

The playing day for each age group this time is -

Saturday, August 16th - ALL U9s and U11s

Sunday, August 17th - ALL U10s and U12s


Contact Tournaments Director Dave Shannon at or call 301 717 5087

If you`d like to see who has enjoyed this event in the past click here for links to previous ScrimmageFest events


FC Frederick Weather Hotline 301 682 5556

Accepted Teams

ScrimmageFest XXIII Fall 2014

Under 10 (2011)
U9 Boys
All Stars Gunners
Cheetahs FC (MD)
FC Frederick U9B Black (MD)
FC Frederick U9B Blue (MD)
FSC - Predators
FSC Raptors (MD)
Under 11 (2010)
U10 Boys
Arlington Madrid Black (VA)
ASA Madrid Blue (VA)
ASA Premier Blue '04 (MD)
FC Frederick '04 Black
FC Frederick '04 Blue
FC Frederick '04 Gray
FC Frederick '04 White/Silver
FSC Revolution
Lions White
SAC Premier Blue (MD)
SAC United Blue
SAC United White (MD)
Severna Park Swarm
SMS United Red (MD)
SMS United White (MD)
Thunder PSG Red (MD)
Winchester United 04B Orange (VA)
Under 12 (2009)
U11 Boys
ASA Premier '03 (MD)
FC Frederick '03
FC Frederick '03 Blue
FC Frederick 03 Black
FC Frederick B03 White
Freedom Flash
SEVP Heat (MD)
Thunder SC Tigre (MD)
Under 13 (2008)
U12 Boys
ARL 02B Barca Black (VA)
Arlington Barca Blue
AS United (MD)
ASA Arsenal (MD)
EPIC Element
FC Frederick '02 Royal II (MD)
FC Frederick 02 Royal (MD)
fc frederick 02 white (MD)
FC Frederick U12 02 Boys (MD)
SAC United Blue Celtic
Thunder Gunners Red
Under 10 (2011)
U9 Girls
ASA Fire (MD)
ASA Premier '05 (MD)
FC Frederick U9G Black (MD)
Maryland Rush Coyotes (MD)
Maryland Rush Coyotes United (MD)
ODFC Quest 24
Thunder Dynamo (MD)
Under 11 (2010)
U10 Girls
API Select Dynamos
FC Frederick '04 Black (MD)
FC Frederick '04 Blue
FPYC Gold Fury
FSC Dynamite Red (MD)
SAC GU10 United White
TSC Spirit
Under 12 (2009)
U11 Girls
ASC 03 Premier (MD)
FC Frederick 03G (MD)
FC Frederick 03G Black (MD)
FPYC Blue Fury (VA)
Freedom Firestorm White
ODFC Quest Premier 22 (VA)
ODFC Quest Select 22
SEVP Diamond (MD)
SYC Arsenal Red (VA)
SYC Arsenal White (VA)
Winchester United U11 03G Blue (VA)
Under 13 (2008)
U12 Girls
FC Frederick 02
FC Frederick 02 Royal
FC Frederick 02 White
FSC Blast Red (MD)
PVYA Storm
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