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Weather updates

Sunday 5 am -

At 5 am there has been no rain and it looks pretty distant right now on radar. All fields are open. You should expect to play all your games today.

Have a great day of soccer


Saturday 8 pm -

First I'd like to thank all the teams that participated today. A few sprinkles here and there but overall a good but not great weather day. On to the more pressing question the rest of you have.

As I track the weather forecast, it does look like there will be some rain. I'm not convinced it will be enough to cancel. I will be wathching many, many forecasts and monitoring any overnight rain. We will play if it rains. We won't play if it is unsafe (not uncomfortable) or if doing so will seriously damage the fields. I will put out an update at 5am.

You should plan to be in the rain at some point tomorrow. I will not ask you to come and play if I think it is going to rain all day. Going to a single league game in the rain is one thing. Spending the entire day in the rain is another.

ScrimmageFest XXVI Field information

The following venues will be used for ScrimmageFest XXVI. Please click on the "All FC Frederick Fields" link in the left menu to access directions and a Google map link to each venue. Once on the new page click on the approprite letter across the top to go to fields that begin with that letter.


U9 and U10 Boys and Girls - Pinecliff Park

U11 and U12 Boys and Girls - Heritage Farm Park

U13 Boys and Girls - Old National Pike Park

ScrimmageFest XXVI

FC Frederick would like to invite you to participate in ScrimmageFest XXVI, Saturday, March 12th and 13th in Frederick, MD. I hope you will consider including this unique event in your team’s Spring pre-season plans. With the addition of two new full sided fields, divisions for Boys and Girls U9 through U13 are offered. U9-10 play 7v7, U11-12 play 8v8, U13 play 11v11

The cost is $225 for U9 thru U12 and $275 for U13. This includes referee fees.
Registration closes Wednesday, March 2nd. Schedules are posted over the weekend of March 5th - 6th

We fully refund the event fee if it is cancelled !

For those of you unfamiliar with ScrimmageFest, it is a single day of soccer for your team. You will play four different opponents in a shortened match format (35 minutes, switch ends about halfway through) with no scores or standings kept. This format removes the pressure and (perceived) need to win associated with most tournaments so as to advance to an extra game and/or Championship. You play all four games anyway. This in turn gives coaches the latitude to try different formations, player combinations and substitution patterns they may not feel comfortable with in another format.

The ScrimmageFest format ( and name! ) were recently adopted by the prestigious Club Champions League. Here are two recent articles from 10/31/2014 and 11/01/2014

In addition to the simplicity of the format for players, it is also our desire to make this an enjoyable event for you managers as well. There is no required check-in, no player passes, no rosters, no medical release (though you should have these for your players, I don’t need to see them) and, in light of all of the above, of course guest players are allowed. You need only get here on time and play. These are friendlies after all, so why check credentials

Go ahead and sign up! This has proven to be an increasingly popular pre-season event. Teams are notorious for registering late for this event because we leave the registration open for so long and we have never declined a team. If you later choose not to play, send me a note and we will fully refund your fee (if you cancel before the scheduling process has begun). We also fully refund the fee if the event is cancelled.

The playing day for each age group this time is:

Saturday, March 12th - all U10s and all U12s; U13 Boys

Sunday, March 13th - all U9s and all U11s; U13 Girls


Contact Tournaments Director Dave Shannon at or call 301 717 5087

If you`d like to see who has enjoyed this event in the past click here for links to previous ScrimmageFest events

Accepted Teams

ScrimmageFest XXVI Spring 2016

Under 10 (2011)
U9 Boys
EPIC Rapids
FC Frederick '06 Black
FC Frederick '06 Blue
FC Frederick '06 White
Freedom Storm
Loudoun 06B Gray
Takoma Park SC Revolution 06 White (MD)
Winchester United U9b
Under 11 (2010)
U10 Boys
Cheetahs FC (MD)
CYA 05B Black (MD)
EPIC 06B Nitro
EPIC Derechos 05 Blue
EPIC Derechos 05 White
FC Frederick '05 Black
FC Frederick '05 Blue
FC Frederick '05 Gray
FC Frederick '05 Royal
FC Frederick '05 White
FSC Raptors (MD)
Leesburg FC Infinity
Sotam FA
Thunder Soccer Club/CHIVAS
TJAY - Bell
Under 12 (2009)
U11 Boys
CYASC Jaguars (MD)
FC Frederick '04 (MD)
FC Frederick '04 Black
FC Frederick '04 Royal (MA)
FC Frederick '04 White
FC Frederick Blue '04
Freedom (MD)
Pipeline Black (MD)
WYSC 04B Blue
Under 13 (2008)
U12 Boys
FC Frederick '03 (MD)
FC Frederick '03 Royal (MD)
FC Frederick '03 Royal II
FC Frederick '03 White
FCSC Crush
LFC Fury (VA)
SMU Warriors Classic
SP Storm
Takoma Park United Blue (MD)
TCSC Force (WV)
Thunder SC Boca Juniors
Waldorf SC '03 Boys Black Classic (MD)
Winchester United 03 Blue (VA)
Under 14 (2007)
U13 Boys
BRYC Gunners
EPIC Element
FC Frederick '02
FC Frederick '02 Boys Royal I
FC Frederick '02 Royal II (MD)
FRSA ROX 02 Boys Blue (VI)
Gunston Red (VA)
Leesburg FC Alliance
Leesburg FC Revolution (VA)
Sotam FA
Tri County Soccer Club Elite (WV)
Under 10 (2011)
U9 Girls
FC Frederick '06 Blue
Under 11 (2010)
U10 Girls
Antietam United (MD)
Cougars FC (MA)
EPIC Strikers (WV)
FC Frederick '05 Black
FC Frederick '05 Blue
GUSC Legacy (PA)
LFC Legends
TSC Santos
Under 12 (2009)
U11 Girls
FC Frederick '04
FC Frederick '04 Royal
FC Frederick '04 White
Freedom Dynamite White
FRSA ROX 04G Blue (VA)
FSC Dynamite Red (MD)
SAC GU11 United Blue (MD)
Severna Park Blaze
SMS Rage (MD)
SYC Phoenix Black (VA)
Under 13 (2008)
U12 Girls
Alliance Soccer Club (MD)
Americans (MD)
Antietam United 03
Antietam United Attack (MD)
FC Frederick '03
FC Frederick '03 Royal (MD)
FC Frederick '03 White
MRM Dynamite '03G (MD)
Purple Storm
Thunder Soccer Club - Atletico (MD)
Winchester United Blue
Under 14 (2007)
U13 Girls
Barcelona USA MD Mustangs 03
CSA Lightning 02 Select (MD)
EPIC Attack (WV)
FC Frederick '02
FC Frederick '02 Royal
FSC Blast Red (MA)
FSC Blast White
SP Earthquakes
Winchester United 02G (VA)
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