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ScrimmageFest 35 Covid-19 Guidelines

The ScrimmageFest has always stood out for it’s unique game play. Playing 4 different opponents in “mini-games” and all in a single day is a player focused, fun soccer environment that we will always promote. It ends up being, for most teams, a really fun, full day of soccer and team building as your teams are around for a good portion of the day, playing, hanging out, playing, rinse, repeat. However, current circumstances most definitely lean strongly against “hanging out” and being in a singular environment for extended periods of time. We do still want to provide that player focused, low pressure playing environment as we all continue to prepare for, and hope we can complete, a Fall soccer season. It may be more important than ever to provide such an opportunity since we all know what happened to the Spring season. With that in mind we are making the following changes to the format and game day experience for ScrimageFest 35 (and hoping we can get back to normal next March)

-It remains a single day event for your team (yes, not a change. A confirmation)
-Small sided groups will play two full games of 2 x 25 minute halves
-Full sided groups will play two full games of 2 x 30 minute halves

-The time between games will be increased to allow for a full exit of the field by the teams that just completed their game before the oncoming teams will move to the sidelines to play
-To the extent possible, with few exceptions due to age group registration numbers, the games will be one game on, one game slot off, second game and you’re done
-Coaches will always have their mask/face covering on when on the field
-Players will stay socially distanced on the sideline during games, at halftime and at the conclusion of the game. Players do not have to wear their mask/face covering during the game
-Players should wear their mask/face covering when entering and exiting the field.
-Spectators should wear their mask/face covering at all times when at the fields
-Spectators will take up positions on the opposite touchline from the teams and on the same side of the halfway line as their team
-There will be no concessions stand
-There will be many hand sanitizer stations
-You are expected to take out what you bring in. No piling up of trash, especially of water bottles, etc

Reminders of some Best Practices
-Players should not attend if they feel sick, have a fever, exhibit any symptoms related to Covid-19
-Players should not, under any circumstances, share drink bottles
-Players will not shake hands, high-5 or in any other way line up and physically contact the opponent. A simple, “good game Ref”, “Nice game Blue Team” will suffice. If your team has developed a simple, non contact end of game show of sportsmanship, by all means share it.


Recently, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan put out a slightly more expansive mask wearing requirement. Critically for this event, this mask mandate now requires everyone to wear a mask or face covering even outside when you can not maintain a 6’ social distancing with other people that are not from your immediate household. With this in mind we will ask that everyone attending wear a mask or face covering when they are at the fields. Exceptions are for the players during game play. Coaches are required to wear masks or face coverings at all times.

While we know it is important for the players to get out and play for all the physical and mental health aspects that flow from that it is important to recognize that these types of events and even league play could be curtailed again, as it was in the Spring, if we all do not act responsibly to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus. With that in mind I’d like everyone to consider limiting the number of non-players that attend. It doesn’t take a math major to understand that if there are more people in any one place the chances for spread increase. I know it’s difficult. We all want to see our kids play every opportunity we can but if you want them to continue to have opportunities at all please consider this.

We look forward to hosting a safe, healthy, fun event for you and your teams. Please help us do that by following all the guidelines.

If you have any questions please contact me

Thank you

Dave Shannon

FC Frederick Tournaments Director

ScrimmageFest 35

FC Frederick would like to invite you to participate in ScrimmageFest 35, August 22nd and 23rd 2020 in Frederick, MD! I hope you will consider including this unique event in your team’s pre-season plans. Divisions for Boys and Girls 9U through 15U are offered. 9-10U play 7v7, 11-12U play 9v9, 13-15U play 11v11.

The cost is $250 for 9U through 12U and $325 for 13-15U. This includes referee fees.

Registration closes
Friday, August 14th. Schedules are posted the weekend before the event (August 15-16).

We fully refund the event fee if it is cancelled! We are glad to see more events catching up to what has always been our policy

For those of you unfamiliar with ScrimmageFest, it is a single day of soccer for your team. You will play four different opponents in a shortened match format (35 minutes, switch ends about halfway through) with no scores or standings kept. This format removes the pressure and (perceived) need to win associated with most tournaments so as to advance to an extra game and/or Championship. You play all four games anyway. This in turn gives coaches the latitude to try different formations, player combinations and substitution patterns they may not feel comfortable within another format.

In addition to the simplicity of the format for players, it is also our desire to make this an enjoyable event for you managers as well. There is no required check-in, no player passes, no rosters, no medical release (though you should have these for your players, I don’t need to see them) and, in light of all of the above, of course guest players are allowed. You need only get here on time and play. These are friendlies after all, so why check credentials.

Go ahead and sign up! This has proven to be an increasingly popular pre-season event. Teams are notorious for registering late for this event because we leave the registration open for so long and we have never declined a team. If you later choose not to play, send me a note and we will fully refund your fee (if you cancel before the scheduling process has begun).
We also fully refund the fee if the event is cancelled.

The playing days for each age group are:

Saturday, August 22nd10U, 12U and 14U Boys & Girls
Sunday, August 23rd – 9U, 11U, 13U and 15U Boys & Girls

Please register at the ScrimmageFest 35 page here (or the left menu)


Contact Tournaments Director Dave Shannon at dshannon@fcfrederick.com or call 301-717-5087

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